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Name: pangea  
Status Level: Super-star (205)
Registered: Sep 25, 2007
Total Posts: 368
Total Questions: 54 (42 unresolved)

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Re: Initial Indexing Performance
Compass » Compass Users, May 26, 2010
Re: The future of Compass?
Compass » Compass Users, May 26, 2010
I had a chat with Kimchy few months ago on the same subject. He is going to provide patches on compa...
Re: Can I index domains based on some filter criteria ?
Compass » Compass Users, Apr 16, 2010
either u r missing few obvious things or I am...below is the algorithm assuming u initialized the co...
Re: Can I index domains based on some filter criteria ?
Compass » Compass Users, Apr 14, 2010
yes u have full control of what u can index if u r not using GPS
Re: JdbcDirectory - IndexWriter open/close Performance degrades with every call
Compass » Compass Users, Apr 14, 2010
for each commit, a new segment is created and merging might happen (based on the max segments cfg). ...


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Whats the plan for 3.0.0 M1 production release
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I want to use the work manager etc facilities of 3.0. Can u give me the time for the production rele...
compass's workManager implementation doesnt work for WebSphere
Compass » Compass Users, Jan 2, 2009
Shay - I see that the compass's implementation of async threads is based upon either the Java 5's co...
c3p0..compass lets the asynch threads still running?
Compass » Compass Users, Dec 29, 2008
Shay - I am pretty sure now that DBCP and c3p0 are not being shutdown properly..meaning i see the as...