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Status Level: Assistant (75)
Registered: Oct 12, 2006
Total Posts: 108
Total Questions: 8 (3 unresolved)
Location Mountain View, CA

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Re: Query weirdness
Compass » Compass Users, Sep 10, 2007
Hi jenner. Could you provide a specific example of a query? For example, the Lucene documentation ...
Re: Compass + Glassfish +index search error
Compass » Compass Users, Aug 23, 2007
To elaborate on my previous post: Compass does the same thing as Seam. It tries to look up the Use...
Re: Compass + Glassfish +index search error
Compass » Compass Users, Aug 23, 2007
Hi r_sudh. Is it possible this is a Glassfish bug? See
Re: what's event that trigger mirroring for JDBC compass?
Compass » Compass Users, Aug 23, 2007
Hi Rid. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way in Compass to do this. You have to write you...
Re: Creating index table for Spring/Compass using JDBC store
Compass » Compass Users, Jul 19, 2007
Hi Lei. It might be related to this issue:


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Question regarding sub-index hashing
Compass » Compass Users, Mar 15, 2007
Hi everyone. I'm trying to implement a custom sub-index hash, but using a property that is not the ...
Has anyone experimented with locatorFetchBufferSize?
Compass » Compass Users, Feb 27, 2007
Hi everyone. I noticed a MySQL JDBC parameter called "locatorFetchBufferSize", with the following d...
Question about managed-id
Compass » Compass Users, Jan 29, 2007
Hi there. I am just starting to get the hang of managed-id. It seems to do what I expect in most c...
Spring inheritance, lazy-init with Compass namespace?
Compass » Compass Users, Dec 18, 2006
Hi everyone. I apologize in advance if this is a Spring question and not a Compass question :-). ...