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Thread: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????

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Stefaan Somers

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JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Oct 13, 2009 4:47 AM
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I'm probably a newbie, and that's why I'm missing something out.

I've the following script, which I pause in Eclipse before getting the results. In the mean time I update the table, and wait some minutes. I would expect that the index is updated automatically, and that my result would also return the latest updates I've done. Apparently this is not the case. Or do I have to call each time gps.index (which is replacing the index in total instead of updating)

Any help would be most welcome.

import org.compass.core.Compass;
import org.compass.core.CompassHit;
import org.compass.core.CompassHits;
import org.compass.core.CompassSession;
import org.compass.core.CompassTransaction;
import org.compass.core.config.CompassConfiguration;
import org.compass.core.config.CompassEnvironment;
import org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice;
import org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.ResultSetResourceMappingResolver;
import org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping.IdColumnToPropertyMapping;
import org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping.TableToResourceMapping;
import org.compass.gps.device.jdbc.mapping.VersionColumnMapping;
import org.compass.gps.impl.SingleCompassGps;
import org.postgresql.jdbc2.optional.SimpleDataSource;

public class TestLuceneIndex {

* @param args

public static void main(String[] args) {
ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice gpsDevice;
SingleCompassGps gps;
Compass compass;

TableToResourceMapping parentMapping = new TableToResourceMapping("PDC_PRODUCT_", "PRODUCT");
parentMapping.addIdMapping(new IdColumnToPropertyMapping("ID_", "ID"));
parentMapping.addVersionMapping(new VersionColumnMapping("modified_"));

TableToResourceMapping childMapping = new TableToResourceMapping("PDC_DOELGROEP_", "DOELGROEP");
childMapping.addIdMapping(new IdColumnToPropertyMapping("ID_", "ID"));
childMapping.addVersionMapping(new VersionColumnMapping("modifed_"));
System.out.println("Query : " + childMapping.getVersionQuery());

SimpleDataSource dataSource = new SimpleDataSource();


CompassConfiguration conf = new CompassConfiguration().setSetting(CompassEnvironment.CONNECTION,

conf.addMappingResolver(new ResultSetResourceMappingResolver(parentMapping, dataSource));
conf.addMappingResolver(new ResultSetResourceMappingResolver(childMapping, dataSource));

// build the mirror compass instance
compass = conf.buildCompass();

gps = new SingleCompassGps(compass);

gpsDevice = new ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice();


CompassSession session = compass.openSession();
CompassTransaction tr = session.beginTransaction();
CompassHits hits = session.find("product");

CompassHit[] detachedHits = hits.detach(0, 20).getHits();
System.out.println("Number of hits " + detachedHits.length);
// outside of a transaction (maybe in a view technology)
for (int i = 0; i < detachedHits.length; i++) {
// this will return the first fragment

System.out.println(detachedHits[i].getResource().getValue("NAME") + " - score : " + detachedHits[i].getScore() );





private static void runInfinitive() {
while (true) {




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Re: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Oct 16, 2009 1:17 AM   in response to: Stefaan Somers in response to: Stefaan Somers
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ResultSetJdbcGpsDevice does active mirroring... That means you have to explicitly perform the mirroring...

Do the "gpsDevice.index()" only once and each time before you search perform "gpsDevice.performMirroring()"

If you index each time, The whole table will get indexed again. If the table data is more, it will take more time.

but performMirrorring will check in the database and index only newly added or updated data.
Stefaan Somers

Posts: 7
Registered: 10/13/09
Re: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Oct 20, 2009 3:35 AM   in response to: Arun in response to: Arun
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I tried your alternative, but unfortunateley the index doesn't get updated. Any clue what I may be missing??

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Registered: 11/10/09
Re: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Nov 10, 2009 6:35 AM   in response to: Stefaan Somers in response to: Stefaan Somers
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I'm trying to do the same thing here while reading the docs and I'm confused with these "snapshots" that are created during mirroring. So I guess you need to add this to enable mirroring:

gpsDevice.setSnapshotPersister(new FSJdbcSnapshotPersister("target/testindex/snapshot"));

Not sure though...

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Re: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Aug 23, 2011 9:34 PM   in response to: Stefaan Somers in response to: Stefaan Somers
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Re: JDBC datasource : automatic indexing ????
Posted: Oct 25, 2011 10:16 PM   in response to: Stefaan Somers in response to: Stefaan Somers
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